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The 20th century started out with such high hopes. There were 'hidden wedges,' as the story of the weak, old tree goes, that brought tragedy after tragedy. Society never really recovered from this in spite of huge increases in consumption. We are not safe. We are not happy. We are not even healthy.

There were fundamentally two problems, neither adequately understood. First, society was riding a 'magic carpet' of mass deception -- two centuries in the making -- that masked the futility of the prevalent, which the British passed on to the Americans in the course of the century. Anciently, civilization had been built cooperatively, making use of knowledge of nature, coupled with lasting social commitments and traditions.

Second, there was no existing means of capturing and digesting the flood of information that people were going to be called on to identify, absorb, and use. Thoughtful people were aware of this, but they did not know what to do about it. Missing was a concept for conjoining concepts with mathematics in a useful, systematic way. This was noted even before there were systems to use.

Profundities' mission is to pick away at both of these. This is to be done making use of a concept called 'dual control' of knowledge and authority and 'fluidity.' These materials provide guidance as to how these are to be used. Please contact us as you wish more information or are prepared to act on the matter.